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cat drag COVER-final

In “Look What the Cat Dragged in Again” Whitman McGowan again offers spoken word accompanied by a variety of types of groove: New Orleans style, classical, New Age ambient, traditional Japanese folk music, raga, dub, rock, jazz and even a techno-grunge bonus track. Multi-instrumentalist Don Kirby and sitarist Baba Ganoush from Pasadena, plus Canadians Johnny and Johnny are all back from the previous cd. What’s new are the debuts of alter ego Trungpa Bumbleché and Margery Snyder’s flute. Vancouver stomping ground Cafe Montmartre is again a venue, as it was for the Caught in the Act album. See how two numbers sound a few years later in the same room (!). Lemon De George, sound engineer on the music documentary Genghis Blues, shepherded this little flock of board tapes and studio recordings. Artful cd packaging by brand guru Stanley Moss has this humble collection all done up like a dog’s dinner.

TRACKS: Lucky Man, Every Eight Seconds, Hôtel, Admen vs. Madmen, Music Critic, Middle Age Dub, Distinguished Poetry, Beached Whale Blues, Be Nowhere Now, Tibetan Heckler Prayer, Eleven Impressions of the Jura Lama, Green Gulch Farm, bonus track: Personal Bomb Threat (Mauser remix)

Look for Look What the Cat Dragged in Again to be available soon in Europe via RECREC (Zurich). To order L.W.T.C.D.I.A. from our newest distributor Zeitgeist Press, click here on their name and save a couple of bucks!


“Caught in the Act” serves up a giant helping of sci-fi, sex and social commentary heavily laced with humor. This counterculture cluster of live recordings from Europe and North America features music by Bob Log III, New Orleans style folksters The Dead Brothers, unearthly cellist Michael Kott, techno artists DJ Louka (Shiva Airlines) and A-Poetik, Hollywood composer/arranger William Ashford and sitarist Baba Ganoush, with Canadian rockers John Crawford and John Woods rounding out the underground assemblage. “Caught in the Act” includes a new version of the signature piece “White Folks Was Wild Once, Too” and a raucous song about a belly dancer, accompanied by a huge performance ensemble with backup singers, a fitting finale for this potent and spicy word and music coalescence.

TRACKS: Techno Goddess, Unconfirmed Report, Be Nowhere Now, Admen vs. Madmen, Hôtel, Fashion Café, Public Sex, Shake Baby, Dirty Words, Garberville Epiphany, Deathstardiscosat II, White Folks Was Wild Once Too, Tibetan Heckler Prayer, Bobs, What Kind of Lipstick? (Le Cirque Electrique version)


No dolphins were harmed during the manufacture of this compact disc.

PO FU – Find out what it is. There are only a few copies left of this cd!

Spoken word performer Whitman McGowan collaborates with composer William Ashford, with some instrumental backing tracks also provided by electronica giants Coldcut, Bob Log III (the world’s greatest one-man blues band), computer music pioneer Drew Lesso and Britain based Middle-Eastern music group Arabesque.

The studio album PO FU was released on Thanksgiving of 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland, the start of Whitman’s 18 city tour of Europe, most of it with rock and roll revue Le Cirque Electrique.

The PO FU jewel box and 32 page full color booklet feature graphics by renowned Swiss art group relax and some texts which may or may not explain what the hell this is all about.

TRACKS: Dinner Poetry, Epic Janitor, Tibetan Heckler Prayer, Public Sex, Distinguished Poetry, Shake Baby, Personal Bomb Threat, Blah Blah Blah Love Poem, What Kind of Lipstick?, Action Auction, Future Sex, Death Star Disco Satellite, Lieder for the Serious Materialists, Alarm Cock



The infamous “White Folks Was Wild Once, Too” video has been reissued on DVD. Do you know why they banned it from Alameda Cable TV? Could it be because no one can watch it just once?! It’s that addictive!! Well, it may be one of the best garage music videos ever made, because everybody involved put so much love into this epic 3 ½ minute mystical romp featuring many of our favorite heathens, some of them without a stitch of natural fabric on. The ever popular “White Folks” chant has become a pagan anthem performed by many groups all over America and Canada. Michael Monteleone of Industrial Haiku in Vashon, Washington crafted this DVD with a number of extras including live footage of a North Beach nightclub performance, a closed captioned version and a bonus TV show of other material. It is available only at selected stores (See post of 1 September 2012 for Bay Area list of outlets) and at personal appearances.



Only available at live appearances!

Bumper sticker by renowned cartoonist & illustrator B. Litz, former Firesign Theatre art director and regular contributor to Skin & Ink magazine. B. Litz is well known in the Pasadena area for his long running comic strip Doctor Duck, which appeared in the Pasadena Weekly. Be the first one on your block to own this magnificent original piece of pop art featuring caricatures of the two Whitmans, Walt and McGowan.

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