Publications and Recordings

California Periodicals & Anthologies

San Francisco: Aguascaliente Review, Beatitude, Blue Beetle Press Magazine, Citi-Voice, Cups

The Daedalus Anthology of Kinky Verse, Dangerous Stew, Deadbeat, Howl, Liberty Hill Poetry Review, Media Review

Missing Tablets and Unknown Oracles, Monkey Brains, Noe Valley Voice, Oxygen, Poetry at the 33 Review

Poetry from The Exit Cafe, Poetry: San Francisco, Poetry: USA, Public House, Radical Radish, The San Francisco Almanac

Smoke and Mirrors, WORC’s, Yggdrasil, Would You Wear My Eyes?


Outside SF: The Steelhead Special (Bayside), Coracle, Poetry Flash, Shock’s Bridge (Berkeley), Pacific Coast Review (Campbell)

The Gab (Gualala), Speakeasy (Laguna Beach), Lynx Eye, poetsfeet (LA), The Fessenden Review (Menlo Park)

Vol. No. Magazine (Newhall), Bull Horn, While The Light Lasts (Palo Alto), The Tomcat (Petaluma), Tule Review (Sacramento)

King’s Review (San Bruno), Ajax Anthology (San Jose), CQ (Santa Ana),  Poesy, Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts (Santa Cruz)

 Green Fuse (Santa Rosa), Minotaur (So. San Francisco), The Moment (Woodland Hills), Green Egg (Ukiah)


Other USA & International Publications

 ABC No Rio Mag (NYC), Blue Ink Press (NYC), Central Avenue (Albuquerque, NM), Chokecherries (Taos, NM)

Convolvulus (Victoria, B.C.), Cups (NYC), Fan (NYC), Fuel (Chicago), George & Mertie’s Place (Spokane, WA)

Gulf Stream Review (Miami), Howling Dog (Rochester, MI), the howling mantra (La Crosse WI), IBIS review (Falls Village, CT)Kumquat Meringue (Rockford, IL), Left-Hand Maps, SF Bay Area Poets (A Small Garlic Press, Chicago)

The Lucid Stone (Scottsdale, AZ), Margin (Dunning, Scotland), Mutated Viruses (Chicago), Nebo (Russellville, AR)

New American Underground Poetry, Vol. 1: the Babarians of San Francisco – poets from hell (Victoria, B.C.)

New Virginia Review (Richmond, VA), Nobodaddies (Pittsburgh), Oxalis (Kingston, NY), Paris/Atlantic Review (Paris)

Pig Iron (Youngstown, OH), Planet Roc (Chicago), Poems for the Retired Nihilist (London), Poetnoise (Beacon, New York)

Poultry (Springfield, MA), Reverend Beat-Man and the Unbelievers’ Get On Your Knees cd booklet (Voodoo Rhythm Records, Bern)

Rock River Times (Rockford, IL), Score (Moscow, ID), Sivullinen Newsletter (Helsinki)

Sivullinen Zine (Helsinki), Snakeskin (Chicago), Tandava (Detroit), The Temple (Walla Walla, WA), Titbit (Austin, TX)

Tomorrow (Chicago), Vice Versa (Chicago), wordplay (So. Portland, ME), What is a Brand? (Charleston, South Carolina)

Z Miscellaneous (NYC)


Booklets & Broadsides

Ghost Worker 2001 (Deep Forest, SF), Contents May Have Shifted 1994 (Viridiana, SF)

No, I Am Not Walt Whitman’s Great Grandson 1993 (Mel Thompson Publishing, SF) 

Smokin’ Words 1992 (Blue Beetle Press, SF), Big Petits Fours 1988, Pith & Vinaigrette 1988

9 Broadsides, 1987, I Know the Aliens Have Come, 1986, The Book, 1985 (all Viridiana, SF)



Look What the Cat Dragged in Again 2012 (Viridiana, SF)

Somewhere Between Heaven  & Woolworths compilation cd 2007  (Fortune Teller Records, London)

White Folks Was Wild Once, Too video 1991 and 2004 special edition (Viridiana, SF) 

Caught in the Act cd 2003 (Little Records, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland)

PO FU cd 2000 (Viridiana, SF)

La Cassette de Noël compilation cassette 1998 (Vendetta, Geneva)

A Night At The Babar cassette 1993 (Crib Nebula Productions, SF)

Anomaly 4 compilation cassette 1992 (Experimental Audio Directions, Florence, AL)

Sounds Suspiciously Like…cassette album 1991 (Viridiana, SF)


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