Trungpa Bumbleche manifests backstage at Bikini Test

Trungpa Bumbleche manifests backstage at Bikini Test nightclub, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 12/7/2000

Whitman McGowan left this life on October 6, 2015 after fighting the monster brain tumor Glioblastoma multiforme for two years. He is truly a luminary without boundaries now.

His friends and fans are gathering in San Francisco on Sunday, December 13, to remember and celebrate Whitman, his words and his many incarnations as poet, partier, ball-player, filmmaker, coffee jerk, old-fashioned golfer, epic janitor, master of ceremonies, creator of wit and subtext and brilliant fun, Whitbob, the Whitmonster, Trungpa Bumbleché, the big guy, multiplicitous and unique. If you want to attend the memorial, send your email address to to receive an invitation with the details of time and place.

Before he departed, Whitman completed work on a volume of his collected performance pieces 1985 – 2012: Uncommon Knowledge, which includes all his greatest hits, extensive notes on performances, recordings and collaborators, with beautiful scratchboard illustrations by Bruce Litz.

Uncommon Knowledge front cover



© 2015, Whitman McGowan
Viridiana, San Francisco
ISBN 978-1-880298-04-6
114 pages, $15



Look for it on sale soon at Zeitgeist Press, Amazon, and here at Luminaries Without Boundaries.

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