I Am My Own Brainchild, PART 1 of I Don’t Know How Many

Guinness World Record Attempt at Longest Interval Between Blogs Ends…

4-up on 2012-07-23 at 23.08

The Dr. Hal show performance hyped way back in the last blog felt like a rousing success for me artistically and spiritually; just being able to get up and recite a piece in public again was a personal triumph. I tried a new soundtrack custom built by William Ashford for “First Poet in Space” and it convinced me we have the basis for a new viral video by A Cracked Team of Oldtimers, which includes Puzzling Evidence. It made me feel good to get up and deliver something with some mustard on it, without me feeling I was going into a death spiral.  And folks seemed to like it.  Thanks, many thanks to everyone who came out and supported me early this year!

As predicted by my medical team, who never speak of a cure or remission, subsequent GBM tumors have manifested, a situation which necessitated further treatments. After three surgeries, three chemo courses, two kinds of radiation (including the gamma knife), and a double blind study involving monoclonal antibodies, I am still walking around, thanks to the great efforts of my medical team. Sci-fi stuff!   Like the man said once, It’s great to be anywhere. There’s likely another Doctor Hal show very soon live or on radio, I can’t keep up with things. Sadly, it will most likely go on without me, but I wish the Subgenii troupe all the best. Meantime, thanks to the good doctor and all the cast and crew of the show and of the Dark Room Theater for helping perpetuate a milieu for my experiments in live performance during the previous year plus! I think I will be back out in public (perhaps with the boys and girls of the Dr. Hal shows) sharing my brand of Americanglish before you know it here in North America and Greater Europe as I have a new book coming out in 2015 via Viridiana Publishing in San Francisco…

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