14 September Whitman McGowan ADH! appearance

SEPTEMBER 14th IN SAN FRANCISCO there will be another Ask Dr. Hal! at The Dark Room Theater, 2263 Mission St. (between 19th and 20th streets) at 10 PM. And as before in this run, the admission will be FREE.

Featured will be poet- performer Whitman McGowan and Girl Friday Spy Emerson. In addition we have the ineffable talents of KrOB in our service, the snark of Sherilyn Connelly, the scientific authority of Pete Goldie, and the question-answering facility of headliner Dr. Howland Owll. We will be hosted by the mordant John Hell of RadioValencia.FM fame, unless he can’t make it (The poor chap’s getting married a week afterward.), in which case jocund Jim Fourniadis will once again ably handle the hosting, as he did for an enthusiastic audience in July.



Friends, we have a great show planned. Opening at The Dark Room for Ask Dr. Hal!’s next iteration on Saturday, September 14th, 2013, will be Bitter Water, a band featuring singer Kelek Stevenson and musical partner Dave Evans. Kelek, known as a spectacular dancer from the Extra Action Marching Band, and who has also delighted many eyes with her numerous public performances, will present her lyrical side as she joins Ask Dr. Hal! to start off September’s show. Come on time to see and hear Bitter Water, an act seen only once before in the long, tatterdemalion history of Ask Dr. Hal!!

MONSTER MOVIE MOMENTS, BARDIC RECITATIONS, KARTOON KUT-UPS,FERNET SHOTS, 2-MINUTE DANCE PARTY Not to mention (so we won’t) Surprise Mystery Guests. Sometimes they surprise us more than they do anyone else…
All the features for which our show is renowned will be present, oiled, cleaned and ready to rumble. All, that is, except the simulcast on Radio Valencia.FM.That, unfortunately, we can’t do, since the show will be on a Saturday rather than a Friday at the same time the radio show usually broadcasts. [Listen to the Ask Dr. Hal! Show Live on Radio each Friday night from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM the next day.]

And so, if Dr. Hal hasn’t perished on the “Playa” in the 110-degree heat and alkaline-poisoned sandstorms of Burning Man, and if he returns whole in body and spirit, you can absolutely depend on there being another show September 14th, remember. A Saturday night. Start thinking of your questions. Mark your calendar!

Whitman McGowan will be performing the work of Whitman McGowan as Whitman McGowan.  If you go to the ADHshow website you may also see more of Hal’s pr material refer to Whitman McGowan as an “action poet.” In this show  his action will consist of walking on stage, speaking, then hurling himself into the frenzied rubbing of the booty shaking crowd, if that’s what the occasion warrents. On the other hand if there are warrants out for his arrest he might have to make use of the stage door of the Dark Room Theater and exeunt stage right at a regular pace, neither running nor skulking, nothing to arouse suspicion, heading en las bas, sur le droit! — W. McG. and T. B.

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