Ask Dr. Hal Show appearance 24 May

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Persons of indeterminate age and/or gender,

As part of the manic meandering psychedelic shenanigans of The Ask. Dr. Hal Show at The Dark Room Theatre (2263 Mission Street in SF) on Friday May 24 at 10pm, I’ll be showcasing another piece from either my Salon des Refusés cd project or my Uncommon Knowledge book project, or both. Doors open at 9:45, so get there early.  Our last show there was completely packed.

In addition to me and Dr. Howlin’ Owll, of the Church of the Subgenius, the show features emcee John Hell, veejay KrOB, “Violations” by Sherilyn Connelly, a science segment by Pete Goldie, and a whole lot of other neat stuff, and you can’t beat the price of admission, it’s FREE!

ALBUM - ART - ADH DR 2 5.24

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