Salon des Refusés cd project

My next spoken word and music cd project is an exciting one involving longtime friend composer William Ashford. Most tracks will be ones for which I wanted use other people’s music but have been refused rights for various reasons: composers’ lawyers not wanting a new lyric for signature pieces, musicians not owning their own music, ownership disputes between co-writers’ estates, or my inability to negotiate a fair price. Included are many of my best pieces which I look forward to finally sharing with a wider audience!

Composer William Ashford

Salon des Refusés will be birthed entirely in William Ashford’s Hollywood studio, utilizing his original compositions and music library, and maybe some backup singers (!). Hip-hop tip First Poet in Space (see “Immortal Musings”  page) has a new track and punk ditty Ready to Get Dirty  is slated to be layed down. There’s jazz, rhythm and blues, reggae and a 60’s dance craze number involved too.  If anybody can handle all these genres, it’s William, with his decades long career of working on all sorts of movies, tv and live shows. SDR will also incorporate other pieces we think deserve to be recorded or rerecorded, like the new Frog Poem and perennial favorite White Folks Was Wild Once, Too.

We look to have it out by Friday the 13th of December 2013. Meanwhile, watch out for more news on Salon des Refusés on this blog.