CD Party at Private Home in Hancock Park area 8/4

map from inside panels of cd

For Look What the Cat Dragged in Again, the next cd release party will be in LA on Saturday August 4 but it will be semi-private.  If you haven’t received an invitation already, leave a comment here and a way I can get in touch with you if you are interested in knowing the time and location. Sticking to our strategy of the semi-secret release of the cd, we are nurturing a culture of exclusivity.  The collectibility, the rarity and the quality of this underground spoken word/comedy and poetry with music collection are all undeniable. If you can somehow obtain a copy of this cd, its value can only increase. And believe me, me and my old Hollywood pals know how to throw a party! By the way, a performance will take place as well. Accompanying Whitman McGowan and Trungpa Bumbleché will be William Ashford on piano, Margery Snyder on flute and gong, Baba Ganoush on bass sitar and Swami Saskatchewan on Tibetan horn.

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