San Francisco cd Release Party!

Sunday July 8 2:30 pm

Bird & Beckett Books and Records

653 Chenery St., San Francisco, CA 94131

(Click here for map) (415) 586-3733 phone

The fourth spoken word album by Whitman McGowan, Look What the Cat Dragged in Again, will have its American release party featuring live flute by Margery Snyder at San Francisco ultrahip underground institution Bird & Beckett Books and Records. The difficulty in obtaining copies of this Viridiana Records cd renders it instantly collectible! As well as being Margery’s recording debut, the record features multi-instrumentalist Don Kirby (known for accompanying Ravi Shankar on tanpura) plus Canadians Johnny and Johnny.

Here’s some colorful back cover art by Stanley Moss, utilizing his watercolor done at Caffe Trieste. You have got to get your hands on this!

Look What the Cat Dragged in Again also introduces to the world alter ego Trungpa Bumbleché. As a would be icon of unpopular culture and purveyor of nebulous philosophy he normally seeks anonymity in order to preserve his mystique, but here he is! Lemon DeGeorge, sound engineer on Oscar-nominated music documentary Genghis Blues, shepherded this little flock of board tapes and studio recordings made in Canada, Switzerland and up and down California.

A speed satsang by Trungpa Bumbleché will most likely initiate the performance, so get ready to be enlightened twice.