Ask Dr. Hal! show at Viracocha 3/30

Greetings One and All from my new blog site!

Friday March 30 8:30pm at Viracocha (998 Valencia St., San Francisco) I have a five minute spoken word and music slot in the strange and wonderful Ask Dr. Hal! mixed media variety show. Presented by the Church of the Subgenious, Dr. Hal’s patented illuminating question and answer session and bardic recitations are also supported this time by The Devil-Ettes, VJ KrOB, science guy Pete Goldie,Connie Dobbs, Sophia the Singing Harp Lady, New York comic Zero Boy, IT wonk Sean Kelly and mc John Hell. I plan on doing “Every 8 Seconds” from my soon to be released cd “Look What The Cat Dragged In Again,” a number which features Margery Snyder playing some spooky Debussy on flute. It’s $10 to take part in this San Francisco institution with twelve years of history behind it, Ask Dr. Hal!

–Whitman McGowan


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